Popcorn Machine £350

Whether it's a night out at the cinema or just an afternoon spent on your couch, there’s one smell that will really get those taste buds tingling and mouths watering: freshly made popcorn!

There nothing quite like its deliciousness. And when you hire our Traditional Popcorn Cart Hire Package with this scrumptious aroma for any event of yours?

Unlimited Popcorn Machine


Candy Floss £350

Who doesn't love candy floss? You can enjoy an endless supply of this sweet and delicious party food with our machine hire! Once you've taken a bite, we guarantee that it will be hard to go back.

Unlimited Candy Floss


Chocolate Fountain £650

With our exquisite chocolate fountains, you'll be able to create an atmosphere of decadent indulgence that will leave your guests speechless.

Our fountain can easily fit into any event: from weddings and corporate events all the way down through children's birthdays--it is perfect no matter what type celebration it may serve!

Large Chocolate Fountain


Chocolate Fondue £150

Imagine the perfect combination: A chocolate fondue fountain filled with hot cocoa and melting sweet treats for everyone to enjoy.

Why not spice up your event with a something extra special without breaking your budget!

Chocolate Fondue